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From design to assembly, Kanyana Engineering meets and exceeds clients expectations.


Many industries need high-quality laser cutting when building or working on a project. So whether you need a specialty kitchen feature, hundreds of machine parts or specialised components, our staff at Kanyana Engineering in Perth can make it happen. We provide high-quality equipment to customers across the country.


Steel laser cutting is a versatile service that can be used in industrial manufacturing, mining and commercial. At Kanyana Engineering, we work with everyone from clients who need multiple runs to one-off proto types.
Our Bystronic laser cutting machines give us the ability to cut intricate, detailed shapes and patterns in a number of materials, including stainless, mild and galvanized/zinc steel, aluminium, Corten, Colourbond, copper and brass.

In addition, we can also fabricate, fold, guillotine, roll, polish and weld any material you need for your office, site, facility or project.


At Kanyana Engineering, we offer services beyond laser cutting, from the design stage of your project to the complete assembly. This means that you will not have to work with multiple companies to finish your project. Our staff at Kanyana Engineering can help with things like:

  • Project design
  • Product fabrication
  • Product installation
  • Stainless steel smoothing, levelling, and brightening

We pride ourselves on top-quality products and services, from start to finish, and our expertly trained, skilled and knowledgeable staff maintain all safety regulations and codes—so you can rest assured your products will always be high quality and long lasting, even for projects that involve a large volume of units and/or intricate designs.

If you need stainless steel metal cutting services for any kind of project in Perth, call us today on (08)9581-6770 to learn more about our services.


Kanyana are just one of the very few sheet metal manufacturing companies in Western Australia and the only company in the South West that has acknowledged the benefits of offering the complete package of advanced manufacturing equipment under one roof.

Our sheet metal engineering solutions have reduced manufacturing lead-time across the supply chain.
The skill, ability and knowledge of our technical Manufacturing Engineers will rapidly reduce your lead times, resulting in a more cost efficient, quality guaranteed part.


Kanyana’s highly automated sheet metal fabrication company is a leader in their industry, they work with client companies to produce better engineering products, more cost effectively and on time. Specialising in all steel fabrication their high levels of process automation and quality control allows them to be consistently trusted with intricate projects from design to final assembly.

Our Laser Machines can handle sheet sizes 3000mmx1500mm:
Steel up to 25mm
Aluminium up to 30mm
Stainless Steel up to 30mm
Copper up to 12mm
​Brass up to 15mm